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Royal Revolt 2 Hack – Gold and Gems Cheats 2017

Royal Revolt 2 is an engrossing action-packed game where you need to protect your throne from the enemies. It is a sequel to the popular Royal Revolt game, which is packed with more fun, more battles, and more action. To achieve success in the game, you need to build a powerful army force, defend your castle, and make your kingdom powerful. A powerful army will require loads of arms and ammunitions to conquer the kingdoms of your friends and foes. So, you need to ensure that you acquire plenty of in-game currencies to buy weapons for your army which can be done with Royal Revolt 2 hack.

Royal Revolt 2 hack

Published and developed by Flaregames, Royal Revolt 2 is an additive tower-defense game. In this game, your main aim is to grow your kingdom by fighting with enemies and stealing their Gold, which can be further used to upgrade your structures. However, the enemies can rob your Gold too! So, you need to make sure that you create towers, barricades, and other obstacles to protect yourself. To know more about this amazing game, just keep reading!

Graphics And Sound Effects:

The game presents appealing visuals that will surely impress you. The cute 3D characters of the game that are presented in a colorful fantasy world will keep you captivated to your screens. Though the sound effects are not that good, but the graphics alone has made the game worth playing.

In-Game Currencies And Resources:



Gold And Gems:

Gold is the main currency of the game and Gems are the special currency. Gold is essential for upgrading items such as towers and buildings. It can also be used for buying items for your hero from the game shop. If you are falling short of Gold then you can buy it with Gems or generate with Royal Revolt 2 Hack. In addition to this, Gems are also used for buying special gears for your heroes, purchasing most of the scrolls, etc. You can buy Gems with real money or can earn them by completing quests and leagues in the game or the third option is to try Royal Revolt 2 Hack.


Pearls are another currency of the game that can be used for buying special items from the game shop. You can even upgrade the equipments of your heroes by using Pearls. For every 10 Gems that you spend in the game, you can acquire 3 Pearls. So I would recommend you to get Gems with our Royal Revolt 2 Hack.


Food is a vital resource of the game that is required to attack the opponents. Food can be grown in the farms or can be bought by spending Gems. The food that you grow can be stored in the Silo. Whenever your Silo is full, you will be able to go to the battlefield. You can even upgrade your Silo so that you can store more Food and have more battles.

Ninja Coins:

Ninja Coins are used for claiming the event rewards such as Magic Chests, Pearls, Event Troop, etc. They can be acquired by playing various battles in the Event Matches such as Ninja Event, Yeti Event, Zombie Event, etc. Another name for Ninja Coins is Event Currency or Event Coins.


Vouchers can be used in the Voucher Bazaar for acquiring great rewards. They can be traded for food, gears, Gems (which can be acquired with Royal Revolt 2 Cheats), third spell and third troop slot, workers, and Gold. You can invite your friends to play the game and earn rewards as they achieve success in the game. Whenever you and your friend are connected, both of you can earn Vouchers as soon as the other friend reaches a new hero level. These Vouchers will be automatically rewarded to your account. Vouchers can also be earned by completing certain quests.


Whenever you complete a quest, you will earn rewards. Each quest consists of 3 achievements whose level of difficulty keeps increasing and so does the rewards. The quests that you will get in the beginning of the game will be very easy, so earning rewards will be effortless. However, as you progress in the game, the quests become harder, so you will not be able to earn several rewards. These rewards are received in the form of Vouchers, Gems, and Gold. If you are too lazy you can always choose another option which is Royal Revolt 2 Hack.

Daily Rewards:

You can earn daily rewards by signing to the game every day. These rewards are earned in the form of Magic Chests. The Magic Chests are similar to War Reward Chests and can be opened in the Magic Chest Menu. You can collect a maximum of 28 Chests in the period of 30 days. Once the 30 days time span gets over, all uncollected rewards are lost and a new 30 days time period will begin that will have 28 new chests to collect. However, ensure that you open the Magic Chest within their time period otherwise the rewards that are inside the chest will vanish.

Item Shop:

The Item Shop is run by Granny and the Beast. In this shop, you will be provided with a set of equipments that can be bought for upgrading your hero. In case you do not like the items that have been allotted, then you can pay a few Gems to randomly generate another set of equipments. Moreover, as you place an order for certain item, the spot will automatically be filled with a new item. As you keep reaching new levels in the game, the selection of items in the Item Shop will become more powerful. In addition to this, the item selection at the Item Shop keeps rotating every 6 hours. It is necessary to keep an eye on them so that you do not end up missing a rare item. It will be more fun to visit item shop if you use royal revolt 2 cheats.

Magic Powers:

An easy way to destroy the enemy bases is by using the Magic Powers. The Magic Powers are categorized into two units – Spells and Scrolls:

  • Spells: Spells are the most commonly used Magic Power as they do not require Gems to be casted. You just need to click on the Spell if you want to cast them. The higher the levels in a Spell, the better defense or damage it will provide.
  • Scrolls: Scrolls are much better than Spells. They allow you to do more damage, acquire more health/defense, reduce the time, etc. They are essential in dangerous situations, so they require Gems to be casted.


The three main skills of your hero are health, damage, and leadership. The secondary skills of your hero are to provide shield against certain damage types, boost to leadership, boost to walking speed, boost to scream, and much more. Your hero will start with 25 inventory slots and if you want then you can purchase some more inventory slots by spending Gems. Another way to acquire additional inventory slots is by completing Cave of Grave Goods Dungeon cavern.


The supportive pets in the game are known as Pals. They are cute little pets that can help your hero in the battlefield. As they do not get attacked by enemies, so they cannot die. There are several Pals available in the game and each of them has different abilities. Some of the Pals that you will come across in the game are mentioned below:

  • Tammy: Tammy is a peaceful and cute little Panda that has magical healing powers to mend wounds in the battlefield.
  • Archimedes: Archimedes is a loyal and wise creature that has special abilities to use its mind to shock enemies.
  • Howl: The Howl is a trustworthy companion in the battlefield that can help your hero by shrieking a ferocious howl.
  • Growl: The Growl helps in draining the enemy’s power by yelling a heart-piercing howl.

Here are some amazing tips and tricks that you could follow while playing the game:

  • Ensure that you give permission for Camera and Microphone access to the game. In case you decline, you won’t be able to use the broadcasting feature of the game.
  • Always participate in regular events such as Alliance Wars that will let you work together as a team.
  • It is extremely important to fortify your base by building towers and growing your army force.
  • The controls of the game are simple and easy to use. Just some touch controls will lead your hero into the battlefield.
  • The game can be downloaded on the App Store, Windows Phone Store, Windows Store, and Android App on Google Play.
  • Try to raid as many castles as you can in the gameplay. This will enable you to acquire their Gold.
  • The game developers provide an excellent user support to their customers, so if you have any doubts then you can contact them instantly.
  • Have a smaller screen on your gadget? Don’t worry! You can enjoy the game in smaller inch display phones too!
  • If you don’t want to play hard or spend real money, try Royal Revolt 2 Hack tool.

Final Word:

To conclude, the Royal Revolt 2 online game is an entertaining strategy based game that has the capability to keep you busy. It can be enjoyed on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. So, if you want to battle against thousands of other players from across the world then start playing and using Royal Revolt 2 hack instantly. The game has scored 4.5 out of 5 stars on the rating chart and is absolutely recommended to all gamers.


Royal Revolt 2 Hack