Brief Introduction To The Royal Revolt 2 Game Currencies

Royal Revolt 2 currency

Brief Introduction To The Royal Revolt 2 Game Currencies

There are six types of currencies that you can use in Royal Revolt 2 online game.


Gold is the main currency of the game that can be used for upgrading towers, buildings, units, etc. You can purchase innumerable items from the game shop by using Gold. To obtain Gold in the game, you need to complete various quests, attack and raid other castles, collect from taverns, etc.


Gems are the special currency of the game that can be bought for real money. You can use Gems to purchase Gold, Food, and to speed up the timers. There are some special items in the game shop that can only be bought by Gems. To acquire Gems, you can complete some special quests, complete the tutorial, finish leagues, etc. Gems can be easily generated with Royal Revolt 2 hack.


Pearls are an important currency of the game that is required to keep your units, spells, and structures relevant at higher stages of the game. You can earn Pearls by winning in Ninja Events, obtaining in Magic Chests, etc. Pearls can also be purchased by spending Gems. With the help of Pearls, you can purchase Hero Items from the item shop, upgrade items through the Blacksmith Workshop, etc.


Food can be produced in farms and are required to attack other players. You can store food in the silo. It is recommended to accumulate food for future so that you can launch a series of attacks. If you are unable to produce enough food in the farms then you can buy them by spending Gems. Moreover, free food can be bought with vouchers from the Voucher Bazaar.


Vouchers are used in the Voucher Bazaar. They can be traded for hero gears, food, Gems, Gold, workers, etc.

Ninja Coins:

The Ninja Coins can be earned by playing battles in event matches such as Zombie Event, Ninja Event, Yeti Event, etc. You can use this currency to claim event rewards like Magical Chests, Pearls, Event Troop, etc.


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